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“You’re a personal training service — why have a podcast devoted to nutrition?!”

That is a question often asked, and the answer is simple: You cannot out-train a bad diet. Meaning, you’re going to lose weight from what you eat, and training cannot out=compensate for eating too much.

Exercise is to help burn more of the calories from food when talking about weight-loss (many more benefits), but you need to change how you eat and what you eat when losing weight is your goal. You are not going to drop the weight you want/need to from exercise alone.

That’s why, in addition to providing efficient, smart training plans for people who want to lose weight, Body Shepherd starts people with this General Nutrition Guide.

Read or Listen

Read to learn

The General Nutrition Guide by Body Shepherd is a series of topics in written form that each take 1-3 minutes to read. Each one has an insight about a challenge that overweight or obese people face, and then some homework to do for the week. It starts off easy and becomes more challenging as it goes along.

Listen to go deeper

For the interested, each topic in the General Nutrition Guide by Body Shepherd has a podcast episode to go with it. Episode length varies but the episodes are here for those who just don’t have time to sit down and read something. Plus, some people learn better from hearing than reading.

The General Nutrition Guide

by Body Shepherd