Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So, you don’t stand next to me and train me in-person?
A: No, not currently. All local gyms restrict private trainers like me from competing with their trainers, plus most folks are working out at home due to COVID.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?
A: My clients have lost 100s of pounds of body fat, regained 100s of hours of quality of life, and have energy again. The longer we work together, the more my clients’ lives improve.

Q: How do you know what kind of exercises I need if we don’t meet in-person?
A: For several years, I have developed and used an effective assessment of questions for my clients that lets me create custom plans for their specific bodies. Plus, I can adjust it as the body changes from getting fitter.

Q: Are you local?
A: YES. Proudly located in Blount County, Tennessee!

Q: Do I need equipment at my home to get started?
A: No. I start with bodyweight exercises. As we progress, I’ll make suggestions on equipment for your home gym as needed, or help you use your gym’s equipment for our plans.